Are there Energy Pills that work like Adderall for improving Grades?

Now days, kids are expected to be a perfectionist in almost every field. Be it a basketball match or academic grades, the parents want their kids to be the best! However all the kids don’t have such potential and this is the reason they look for external sources to help them. The most common help that the students can get now days is through drugs and supplements like Adderall. These supplements help the students in improving their grades and achieving perfection in almost every area by enhancing their concentration power and improving their memory capabilities.

Although this drug is being used by several students now days but the parents are still hesitant about it because of the number of side effects that it leads to. This is why people are looking for energy and pill that does the same work as that of Adderall but with no side effects. There are a number of pills and supplements available in the market that does the same work but with no side effects.

Why should one prefer natural supplements over Adderall?


Although Adderall is highly useful for students and for people who are looking for energy pills but this drug can cause serious side effects too. Anxiety, weight loss problem in children, headache are some of the mild side effects of Adderall. The serious side effects can include handshaking and sometimes even hospitalization of the person. Adderall is mostly used by students as it gives them a lot of benefits and helps them in improving their academic grade. However, if one can get similar benefits but without those harmful side effects, then it is quite obvious that Adderall will lose its importance.

Supplements similar to Adderall:

Due to a number of side effects, people are now searching for a supplement that can serve them with the benefits similar to Adderall but without any side effects. This has lead to the growth of a number of natural supplements which free from side effects. Addrena , Ampakines, Dopaminergics and Noopept are some of the supplements that work in a similar fashion to that of Adderall and cause no side effect on the body of the consumer.

Do the alternatives to Adderall provide similar benefits?

The effectiveness of Adderall is quite proved in the market and people have a positive opinion about it but consuming its supplements can be quite confusing as people are still not sure whether these supplements will provide them the intended benefits or not. The answer to this question should be ‘yes’. Most of these natural supplements use the natural ingredients and create a surplus of vitamin B in the body of the consumer. When vitamin B becomes surplus in the body, it leads to the release of energy. These alternatives also provide other benefits similar to Adderall which includes improvement in the concentration power, enhances the memory capabilities and much more. So now any student can improve their grade without worrying about any kind of side effects.

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The Difference between Adderall and Addrena In terms of Improving Focus

Success has become an important part in every person’s life. Each and everyone want to succeed in every walk of life which is not that possible in these busy scheduled days. In order to attain this, people are taking the help of the drugs which are present in the market. As per the sales records in the market, the two products namely Adderall and Addrena are very famous and they are reaping the sales and have a winning edge over other competitors.

Power of Adderall:


  • This is obtained only when a medical practitioner is prescribed.
  • The composition of the drug includes norepinephrine and serotonin, dopamine.
  • Many proven results with this drug are available as this is used to control hunger, enhance metabolism and so, lot of blood supply to the brain, increases the glucose levels as per the requirement of the body.
  • The impact of concentration is very high with this drug and the results will be useful for a person in a better manner.
  • Those who wish to have a long crave for concentration may go for this.
  • The price of this drug is just half the price of addrena, but this is not that easy to obtain.
  • Adderall is a drug which is mostly preferred in the case of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Being a synthetic drug, this has the medical advantages and helps in reducing the mental disorders and diseases related to brain.

Results with Addrena:

  • This is an OTC drug and any person may get it with ease in the stores.
  • As per the composition of the drug, this is often considered as the supplement of Adderall.
  • Increases the focus in the brain and performs as a stimulant in the body.
  • Compared to the Adderall, the results are less but in almost all the cases, this drug has proved enhancing focus.
  • As this is just a stimulant there won’t be side effects for the body. Using this, is safe as the power of this drug will be less and the impact on the body will be less.
  • Most of the people who are using this are gaining the neuroprotective benefits.
  • There won’t be perfect control for hunger and so the body meets the needs of food. So, those who just wish to need little amount of concentration may go with this.
  • The cost of this tablet is bit high compared to the Adderall. But this is agreeable in the market as people need not pay the doctor fees and this is available with great ease.
  • However, any person may use this even though they are not affected with any sort of medical disturbance in the body just to increase their concentration and attention in the work which they do.
  • This drug is believed that, this is a natural one and so, available as OTC drug and there is almost no harm for any body type.

After going through all the aspects in about the differences, the decision is left to the readers. They should choose the best one based on their body type and their need.

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Addrena versus Adderall – How this drug is different than a supplement for focus

Today, everyone’s lifestyle is changing and moving towards a faster life. Due to this overwhelming pressure on everyday life, many people are not being able to give proper time and care to their bodies. Cracking under the stress, many of them get affected with various neurotic problems which make them helpless and confused about their own condition.

One such problem is known as the ADHD syndrome (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).The disorder starts from the brain cells which then spreads all over the body, making it impossible for any individual to control their mind.Few symptoms of this disease are:

  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of remembering information
  • Low concentration and memory
  • Inclination towards forgetting tasks
  • Slow approach and speed toward work.

Cure remedies for the ADHD syndrome

With the change in technology and up-gradation of scientific researches, ADHD syndrome is now curable and can be controlled in time from spreading and growing with age. There are different drugs which are available in the market to help the patients suffering from this to get a grip on their own life. Most common of all is Adderall, which is available under the prescription of the doctor who is handling the case, and the medical stores do not provide the medicine without the physician’s recommendation at any condition. However, owing to the highly risky side effects of the strong drug, the need for subtler alternatives was highly felt and it is precisely at this point that Addrena came into the picture.

The miracle drug: Addrena

In plain and simple words, Addrena is a natural supplement for energy which helps takers focus highly on their activities by releasing a chemical called dopamine in the body, which gives consistent prolonged energy and greatly helps in reducing the body fat level. All products used in the making of Addrena are legally sanctioned.

On the other hand, Adderall is a comparatively old phenomenon. It is a medically prescribed drug used to combat problems like inattentiveness, loss of energy etc. by using a mix of synthetic amphetamine salts. Unlike Addrena, it is only available through prescription.

Because both the drugs use different means to reach the same objective, there are certain ups and downs in the usage of both products.

  • Effects on focus and learning

It would be wrong to attribute this to prejudices, but because of doctor approval, Adderall, even though it is more risky, is more preferred by people wanting to remove issues of focus from their lives. Add to that the fact that Addrena is an over the counter supplement, it does not gain trust as fast. However, Addrena has managed to shock even its own creators with the kind of business it has done. It also has several ingredients used to improve focus, learning and memory, all being natural, which is helping it to gain more popularity these days. Both drugs are very effective in attending to the problems.

  • Overall stimulant effect

Addrena contains about 600 mgs of Guarana, 250 mgs of Bitter Orange and 100 mgs of Yohimbe per pill, which gives any taker a very impressive non-prescription stimulant effect, which is great for the hundreds of students who are looking for boosting focus and energy without a prescription. However, the stimulant effect that is given by a prescription drug does have an edge over this natural product, which makes it better to use if there is a dire need for such a step.

  • Brain boosting effect

It is believed that there are many natural nootropics found in nature which are best at handling attentiveness disorders.These nootropics are also mixed in Addrena to help people the natural way. This maximizes the effect on the brain cells, thus,soothing the frayed nerves and helping in proper working. This is done through controlling the rate of different emotional and energy levels. Furthermore, it helps to neutralize the function of different brain cells by stacking stimuli together. Each cell controls different processesin the body and thesesupplements help in balancing each of the actions, making way for higher life span of the consumer.

Adderall, one one hand, Increases the amount of adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain, stimulating the neurons to work more efficiently. On the other hand, Addrena works through a similar process, but also has added benefits because of the nootropics it contains.

  • Thermogenesis

A process that increases body temperature, thus enabling fat loss is called thermogenesis. In terms of this, Addrena is superior because of the addition of Bitter Orange and Yohimbe extracts, which are both very potent thermogenics.

  • Appetite suppression

Many people who go into using these drugs are actually more concerned with losing fat, and appetite suppression is the first and prime step towards achieving that end. Adderall is more powerful because its effects, in addition to being long lasting, also are very effective. For people who do not want such extreme results may use Addrena which uses Synephrine, which is not as strong as the other one.

  • Cost and availability

Adderall, as mentioned above, is only available with a prescription and is sold to people from almost all walks of life. Be it college/university students, or office goers, it is available to all. Its cost averages to 5 to 8 dollars per pill, depending on the area of purchase. Its availability is a little tough, which is also why most people took to its natural counterpart, which is instantly available online for an average of 66 cents per pill. Addrena, in addition, also ha money back guarantee and lesser known side effects.

Keeping all this in mind, the argument boils down to a tough choice between an extremely effective and powerful synthetic drug and an equally strong herbal stimulant supplement.Both have managed to create positive impressions in the market,but these products may have different reactions on different types of body metabolisms. With over 30,000 bottles sold, it will not be wrong to say that Addrena is a very popular supplement consumed by people all around the globe. However, one should always make an informed decision when it comes to his/her body

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